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10 Tips On How To Make Your Computer Run Faster

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Miss Designer

Miss Designer
Hey Guys, I have here this post about the top ten ways with which you
can make your PC run faster, well yeah! Slow performance issue is
really frustrating because it takes ages to run a program that you
desire. When you buy a new system all you know is that it won’t make you
go crazy like the previous one but now as you start installing
different software in it, it starts giving you problems. The slow
performance issue can be resolved by taking a few steps that will make
your PC work faster.

10 Tips On How To Make Your Computer Run Faster Confused-Computer

10. Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files include the many unwanted files that are stored in
your computer’s memory. These unwanted files only take your computer’s
memory space and they are of no use. So it is better to remove those
files to enhance your system’s performance.

9. Disk Defragmentation

Whenever you install any software in your computer, it doesn’t save
in a sorted manner, so you need to run the defragmentation tool. If you
search for any file then obviously it will take a lot of time to search
for that. So, use this tool and sort your disk space available in your

8. Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup utility helps you free up some space on your hard disk
because it deletes all the temporary internet files and temporary
windows files. Plus it also empties your recycle bin and also removes
the unused programs in your PC.

7. Registry Cleanup

Windows registry stores a database of information on your OS like the
information regarding all the peripherals and applications etc. So, you
need to maintain and sort the database registry by using any windows
registry cleanup software available on the internet.

6. Drivers’ up gradation

If your computer has corrupted drivers then it can be the reason of
the slow performance of your system. So you need to update your drivers
because it will increase the performance of your system.

5. Scanning for Spyware

Spyware and viruses always effect negatively on your computer system.
It interferes in the computer’s operations to be performed and yeah
they also occupy a lot of your computer’s memory. So scan your computer
with any good antivirus software and your computer performance will

4. Cutting back multitasking

If you have many other software’s running at the same time, like
visual studio, iTunes software or Photoshop software then it is obvious
that your computer may slow down. So it is better to cut back the multi
tasking thing and let the computer work at its best.

3. ReadyBoost your system

ReadBoost is a new concept of adding memory to a system like a flash
volatile memory USB stick. As it helps us improve the performance of our
computer by adding additional space. If you are using windows 7 or
windows vista then you can use it right away.

2. Cut down the startup programs

Cut down the not necessary startup programs because no matter if you
are using them or not, they still make the CPU work more, and hence your
PC slows down. So remove the unwanted startup programs and your
computer will be back in action.

1. Repair disk errors

You can use the error repair utility available in your operating
system and optimize the performance of your system by checking the
integrity of the files that are stored in your drive. Scan for the bad
sectors because they are the reason that our computer slows down.

10 Tips On How To Make Your Computer Run Faster Vgccvc11


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Fashion & Drawing & Girlsense & Official CompetitionsModerator
wow..amazing..really so useful.... Smile

10 Tips On How To Make Your Computer Run Faster Sticker,375x360

Miss Designer

Miss Designer
thank you 4 visiting !!

10 Tips On How To Make Your Computer Run Faster Vgccvc11


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Super Moderator
hmmmmmm .... i will try it
thank you thank you

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