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Miss Designer

Miss Designer
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The Anno series started life deep in medieval times and
players were tasked with guiding the destinies of some rather cute
villagers, building up their stocks of resources and making sure that
they had the most comfortable lives possible given the situation of the
civilization at the time. The game had overall objectives for scenarios
and some were difficult to achieve but getting a city that worked smooth
was the main aim of the game.

From there the series
jumped around history using 100 years intervals, tackling ever more
complex historical eras, allowing the developers to add more mechanics
to the game and to change the art style and even managed to make a move
to the handheld space.

I haven’t been a fan of the series but I expected it to move to
the XIX century, with the big European cities serving as testing beds
for more massive cities before taking a leap to modernity and the
management of a megalopolis like Tokyo or maybe New York.

publisher Ubisoft and developer Blue Byte, which also handled Anno 1404
and the Settlers series, made the move to the near future, making some
major changes to the core gameplay of the series and injecting some
political positions into the game.


the year 2070 the developers see a world where our current worst fears
about global warming have become real, with the ice cap melting away and
flooding most of the world. Most of the world is now underwater and
with nations all but disappeared there are initially two and then three
groups with widely divergent philosophies that compete for resources and
for population.

Anno 2070 FullRip Annotxtscr_001-small Anno 2070 FullRip Annotxtscr_002-small
Humble beginning Nice architecture

Global Trust is a giant energy supplier and works as such, with
citizens that tend to grow wealthy by exploiting the land without any
remorse. They seem to be somewhat evil from a green standpoint and
decline as their resources are exhausted. Despite their lack of
ecological focus they can limit the damage to the environment by
collecting carbon and developing more efficient tech.

The Eden
Initiative is more concerned with nature but they tend to grow slowly
and experience a lack of money but they can more safely extract
resources from the game world in the end game, although they tend to
develop less colonies.

The SAAT act as a sort of half faction,
playable for a time in the campaign mode and supplying research for
gamers in the sandbox mode. The challenge is to create a new type of
colony for them, underwater, and supply them with the caffeine they
require in order to deliver research (they seem to be slowly becoming
resistant to energy drink effects).

The campaign mostly acts as a
tutorial for Anno 2070, allowing players to control all the factions at
the same time and slowly showing players the basics and the core of the
game is in the single player scenarios and the sandbox mode.

gamers can establish their own path to success (or failure) and there
are other factions to trade with, do missions for or even go to war,
although this seems to be against the spirit of the series.


2070 plays like a cross between the old Caesar series and the more
recent Anno titles. The player has to figure out resource chains, design
efficient cities and meet a number of intermediate objectives in order
to develop a range of islands that fulfill all the needs of the
population at all times. The mechanics are all solid and interesting and
discovering the clear links between all the buildings is half the fun
of the game.

Anno 2070 FullRip Annotxtscr_003-small Anno 2070 FullRip Annotxtscr_004-small
Green growth Beach development

major improvement made over the classic Caesar mechanics is that the
depots that Anno offers instantly share resources and items across all
incarnations, which basically means that moving materials around is much
less of a hassle and creating production processes is easier than ever.

two sides play a little differently, with the Global Trust much better
in the early game but driven to always discover new islands and new land
they can exploit so they can escape their late game resource trap.
Meanwhile the Eco minded faction needs to develop some houses and
citizens as quickly as possible in order to get a solid revenue stream
for future development. The biggest challenge after that was to set up
the transport of resources between islands, which is crucial for

There’s variety here but in no way does Anno 2070 force
the player to explore two different learning curves. It took me a few
lost custom maps before I perfected the early game and created a
development routine that worked but after that there were no actual hard
challenges, part from the occasional self-inflicted wound (always get
the most advanced tech you can get your hands on, even if the price
seems too high).

big problem with the experience delivered by Anno 2070 is that It can
be a slow, slow game. This is a boon for the first few matches, when
you’re drawn towards watching the citizens and the resource chains and
how the built island works. But after a while playing Anno 2070, even
with the increase speed button held down, because a matter of setting
things up, which is genuinely exciting, and then waiting for something
interesting to happen.

Graphics and audio

2070 is one of the best-looking video games I have seen this year and
can safely rival Total War: Shogun 2 in terms of scope. Where the
Creative Assembly game developed its rather impressive engine to portray
battles Anno 2070 is a pacifists dream and allows players the time they
need to zoom in, take in the gracious movements of citizens and
machinery and admire how good looking and smooth running their industry
machine, their ecological paradise or their underwater metropolis is

The beauty of the graphics makes those long intervals in
the late game when nothing much is happening very enjoyable because the
player can just take the time to look around and enjoy something that he
has built from the ground up, like a sort of benevolent god that basks
in the light of the society that he nurtures and steers.

don’t go as well when it comes to the sound design, mainly because the
slightly surreal style is not as well suited here. The various voice
actors seem to be having a bit too much fun by making all the capitalist
seem like a few dollars short of full evil while the ecologically
minded characters tend to come across as totally naïve. The only relief
comes from the various ambient sounds and the actual musical tracks,
which are well suited to long sessions of city development.


quite like the time I spend with Anno 2070, mainly because of the
futuristic theme and because of the very well thought production chains
but this is not a game that will have a spot in my collection in the
long term.

If I am looking for a city builder then my love will
always remain attached to the third Caesar game and to Pharaoh, where
the task of building a harmonious city was supplanted by the monumental
projects, giving the game a sense of place and purpose that is missing
in Anno 2070.

If I am looking for an ecological minded game that
poses real questions about the future of our green Earth then the 2011
indie release Fate of the World is a much better choice, a solid card
and event based game where global warming can be avoided as long as the
player is willing to make some tough choices.

Anno 2070 will
mostly appeal to veterans of the series and to those city builder fans
who simply cannot return to old flames and need a constant stream of new
blood to keep their passion going. They will find a well-tuned
experience that might be a little slow sometimes but still manages to
deliver both a challenge and beauty.

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